Treatment Approach

My Approach
I utilize both cognitive behavioral and insight oriented treatment approaches in my practice.  This means that treatment focuses on identifying and changing self defeating behaviors, as well as, learning new and more effective coping skills.  In addition, people are given the opportunity to better understand the origins of their behavior.  I find that this combination of approaches affords the best opportunity for change, allowing individuals to improve their daily functioning, stress management, and self esteem. 

Patients are typically seen once or twice a week, in both long and short term treatment. 

Although psychotherapy alone can be effective, there are times when treatment involves a team approach.  Finding the right treatment team can often be confusing and complicated.  I have working relationships with many other mental health and medical professionals and can be helpful with referrals when needed to psychiatrists, nutritionists, therapy groups, medical doctors, ect.  Additionally, once a treatment team has been established, I see the importance of close collaboration to provide you with best and most fluid treatment possible. 


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